About Us

Monfriese Rum Cakes opened its top rated bake shop in Niagara Falls in June 2019. We specialize in rum infused cakes and bite size tropical cheesecake cupcakes. Our customers are greeted with exceptional customer service and an overwhelmingly delicious smell of freshly baked treats that no one can resist!

We’re a neighborhood shop, and we love being a home away from home for the community. All of our goods are handcrafted, baked and served with a side of love. 

A message from Christine Monfriese:


Baking is my call, therefore I did whatever it took to get to where I am today. Previously working as a city bus driver, even though paid well along with great benefits and pension plan, the stress of the job was getting to me and my dream to own a bakery become more desirable. It took a lot of thought and consideration to take such a huge risk, but as I stand here today, the risk was well worth it.

After submitting my resignation, I packed up and moved to Niagara region for a brand new start. I attended Niagara College for a one year program in Baking & Pastry Arts, while at the same time operating a storefront. I've met up with some incredible people in Niagara region, but on top of the list are the staff at Spark Niagara. Words cannot express how grateful I am for their guidance, expertise and providing a space for me to sell my rum cakes. And now, I am a proud owner of Monfriese Rum Cakes Bakery Cafe, located in downtown Niagara Falls. With determination, courage and willpower, I am now the queen of my domain.

My brand represents happiness, good times and straight up delicious desserts!

Nothing is impossible. The Universe is the limit... never ending. One love.

- Monfriese Rum Cakes. 

Christine Monfriese